July 11, 2012
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian,

The past few weeks have not provided much inspiration for a food blog given the major power outage and 100-degree heat that followed.  Though I wished for power, my mind was far from thoughts of using my oven to heat an already overheated kitchen.   The day that power returned proved to be an obnoxiously hot day at over 100 degrees and despite restoration of modern conveniences, I had no desire to utilize anything that resided in my kitchen.  Thankfully my husband Tom decided that he would pull out his Vitamix and whip up a cold gazpacho.  The electricity came on just in time for us to visit the market and be guaranteed our gazpacho treasures would not wilt inside our refrigerator.  There are many variations of gazpacho out there, but I prefer my gazpacho without onions or peppers.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, even a bit of watermelon, fresh basil from the garden, the possibilities are endless.  The next day Tom decided on a whim to throw in some grilled zucchini (again no oven required) that added a whole other level of flavor.   Sitting on my back porch savoring sips of my cool refreshing soup; I must admit at that moment the heat did not seem quite so bad (although I don’t wish for it to return, gazpacho tastes just great in 80 degree weather).