May 17, 2012
Leslie Phillips, President & COO

I had not heard about The New York Times essay contest (argue for the ethics of eating meat) until last week while meeting with the college administrator.
She mentioned it in a broader conversation about food trends among college students.
From the fact that they created such a contest, to the panel of judges, to the results — this subject sparked lots of lively debate and drew opinions from all ends of the spectrum.
The winning essay starts with:
As a vegetarian who returned to meat-eating, I find the question “Is meat-eating ethical?” one that is in my head and heart constantly. The reasons I became a vegetarian, then a vegan and then again a conscientious meat-eater were all ethical…
As dining providers, we remember to love food (all food, including meat and chik’n), people (all people – vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, flexitarians, carnivores, ominovores), and serving others!