Trash Talk – Campus campaign

November 20, 2012
Becky Tweedy, Assistant to the President

Campus Campaign

Pens – Use refillable pens. Refills cost as little as $1 each, almost the same as disposables. Pens are rarely recycled. Every year we discard 1.6 billion pens. Placed end to end, they would stretch more than 150,000 miles – from LA to Tokyo more than 25 times!

Textbooks – buy used and sell back, or rent and return.  About $10 billion worth of textbooks – K through college – are sold each year.  Recycling just 1 percent of these books would save enough to send more than 4000 students to a 4-year public college.

Paper – use both sides; recycle.  By far the biggest form of waste that comes from schools, it is also a great opportunity! Every ton (220,000 sheets) of paper that is recycled saves approximately 17 trees! The average school tosses 38 tons of paper per year…

Think about it!
Will you take a small step to help?
Source: The Green Book


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November 20, 2012

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