May 9, 2012
Marta Ruggles, District Manager

On the subject of Core Value #8 (believe in wellness and balance), it has been 4 months since I started yoga and each additional month gives me a different perspective.  

Physically, as a general rule of thumb, I have always considered myself to "have balance".  I have played sports, run, and I can move around pretty easily.  However, as my yoga practice has continued, I have discovered that just like life, true balance is not so easy.
There are several poses we practice that require twisting, bending, wrapping etc….while on one foot/leg.  True balance requires much more than our normal day to day physical regime.

Can I do this like they are doing…no.  Do I try….yes.  And, what I have learned is the following:

  • I am not as balanced as I would like to be
  • My balance can improve/be better
  • I need to commit and practice
  • Having intention and focus helps
  • Some days I  balance better than others
  • There is a need to focus and relax at the same time
  • I definitely need a sense of humor!

The interesting thing to me about yoga is that the postures are just a piece of "Yoga".  The practice of yoga is more about what you learn about yourself and take away while doing the postures.
So, after each practice, when I take my practice "outside" I inch closer to a better overall life balance.  All the same rules apply – focus, practice, commitment, needing intention…and…yes, have a sense of humor.
Realizing yoga is not for everyone, I challenge all of you to:

  • think about a part of your life you want to balance better – dinner with entire family once a week, book club once a month, walking at lunch 3 times a week or whatever may work for you…..
  • Commit you will  work toward a better balance in one of these areas in the final 2 periods (Period 12, 13).
  • Work towards inching closer to a better overall life balance.