June 4, 2012
Marta Ruggles, District Manager

When you hear the word "Graduation", what jumps to your mind – thousands of cookies & lemonade, feeding hundreds or thousands of students and the families, your own child graduating from high school, college or perhaps to riding a bike without training wheels?  Maybe it is as simple as your thinking about a well deserved break after a long spring.
Honestly I have been around more graduations, baccalaureates, lunches and ceremonies than I ever imagined.

 I have always felt Graduation was an important time for family and friends and certainly for us, from a business standpoint.  This year we started our Graduation season the first weekend in May and they will continue into next week.  That is 7 weekends of Graduation ceremonies!! 

 Everyone that "graduates" is celebrating a milestone, a step in their education, and certainly another step in their overall growth. 
As we continue to work our way through  this graduation season, think about your growth this year.  How much have you learned, grown and improved and in which area have you "graduated"?   What areas do you need to continue to focus on?
While making it a joyous occasion for many, please be sure to celebrate your own graduation from whatever you may have been working on – both personally and professionally.