September 17, 2012
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian,

As I type this blog post I am gazing out into the ocean blue.  My family is on vacation this week and the pace of everyday life immediately slows down when we hit the beach.  However, despite my desire to sit on the beach, read & play silly games with my children, I still want to enjoy a good meal.  So, last night Tom and I dragged ourselves off the beach chairs and made a trip to the local fish market.  There we found fresh off the boat tuna & grouper.  This along with fresh squash, zucchini & juicy ears of corn purchased at the farmers market made up the menu of our first beach dinner. Coming back to a grill the size of a Mac truck, Tom proceeded to grill our treasures.  We sat down to a simple, yet delicious fresh meal of BBQ fish, roasted squash, eggplant and grilled corn.  Washed down with a glass of chilled wine made it all the better.  Cheers!  Who knows what we find tonight. Fresh shrimp anyone?