October 10, 2012
Leslie Phillips, President & COO

Crazy busy, slammin’ busy, wicked busy. 
Whirlwind is in full bloom…and a new day means a new problem to solve.
This article offers some timely, easy tips for surviving…better yet, thriving amidst all of this.  
The author uses the word "conflict," and mostly is focused on people tension…but if you substitute "problems," you may find it even more useful.  These tips are great for day-to-day stuff that happens.
#1 Tip??  Keep your cool.
You may need to take three breaths…or be still for a minute…but when all *%#! is breaking loose, make it your goal to be the *calmest* person in the kitchen.
Everyone around you will benefit….your calm will become the influencing factor, not the chaos or problem du jour.