Everyday heroes

December 20, 2012
Leslie Phillips, President & COO

Where do you find wisdom?  Do you like it when people tell you things you can count on?  Does passion make a difference?
In reading this article, we learn another avenue for inspiration whenever we are called upon to lead (which for many of us…is…every day).  Folktales.  Think of the main character in the tale.  He or she is, in fact, a leader….and invariably (according to the research done by the author of this article) embodies these qualities:  farsighted, passionate, courageous, wise, generous, and trustworthy.  And why does a folktale last so long? This article says “because…it feels right to us.”
But, here’s what happens when that’s not the case: “If we don’t see these qualities clearly demonstrated, we won’t follow wholeheartedly; it feels dangerous to do so.”
So find your inner Johnny Appleseed(?), and let your wise and farsighted vision for your team be courageously reinforced every day with passion and generosity in a community where you are seen as most trustworthy.


Written By Leslie Phillips, Chief Executive Officer

December 20, 2012

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