January 4, 2012
Becky Tweedy, Assistant to the President

Homeopathic vs. Manufactured Pharmaceuticals – manufacturing synthetic drugs emits more than 177 million pounds of untreated pollutants into air, water, and soil each year. Any homeopathic remedy would be a savings!
Prescriptions – never flush unused or expired meds down the toilet or drain to contaminate the waterstream (fish, plants & animals).
Vitamins – consider taking a multivitamin vs. separate bottles of individual vitamins. The average American vitamin user spends over $100 each year on vitamins and supplements. If 25% of these people reduced their purchases by 1 bottle per year,
the estimated total savings would be $592 million, and an amazing amount of plastic packaging …

Think about it!   Will you take a small step to help?

Source: The Green Book