If you’ve been around anyone from MG (or any MG account) in the past 11 months, you’ve probably heard about WIGs. If you have not, brace yourself because you surely will and it will be fun.
WIGs (wildly important goals) start inside the minds of teams. Brainstorming with purpose. Asking what can we do better. Narrowing the list to the one or two things that are most important. Writing the goal as from x (present state), to y (what you want it to become), by when.
This work is absolutely, positively critical to advancing, improving, growing (whether personally, spiritually, intellectually, professionally).

As this article says (How to set Wildly Important Goals, and what they’ll do for you), though you may focus on lots of numbers day in and day out, once you have your WIG, you will focus extra on one number…the measure of success on the wildly important goal. That new intense focus is what will assure you accomplish it. The engagement of your team in arriving at that goal will assure everyone is on board, paddling in the same direction around that one subject. Identifying concrete, specific tasks and assignments that are the steps to success AND measuring how well you are accomplishing them will determine whether you ultimately achieve “to y, by when.”

It’s the start of a New Year at MG. Take this opportunity to find a WIG you love, and wear it!