My current “to read” list seems to be getting longer and longer, with 2 books (half read) currently residing on my shelf: Cooked & VB6 Though I don’t have any extra hours in the day, I plan to add yet another book to my food related shelf.  Foodist by Darya Rose. A foodist is a relatively new to me term but I love her philosophy about food which she sums up quite eloquently. “A foodist knows that food is the answer to, not the cause of our health and weight issues. Eating is essential to our survival and our innate drive to do it is too strong to override for long. The solution lies in constructing habits that work with us, not against us, balancing our needs for both health and happiness through food.”  Her latest blog post “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Foodists” are a must read for everyone.  In brief, here is a summary of the list:

Never diet

Regular grocery shopping

Cook at home

10,000 steps

Chew throughly

Value-based decisions

Monitor your progress


Check out the complete post….I have this one imprinted in my brain already.