The article below was written by Ashley Beck, for posting on Marcus Samuelsson’s blog (

When I began reading the blog, I thought it was written by Marcus.  I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t, but do understand he’s incredibly busy & needs help with some of the day to day tasks.  Ashley was manager of Tre restaurant, an upscale Italian place in NYC, before becoming Editorial Contributor at Marcus Samuelsson Group.

I’m not sure what I think about what they’re saying here.  On a rational level, I think they’re correct.  It’s often true that the entity that creates a problem must play a role in resolving it.  I’m not so much of an idealist (or so naïve) to think that fast food is going away anytime soon…or ever.  The points they make about it being affordable, prolific, convenient & addicting are all dead on.  Added to that are the billions (trillions??) of dollars made, not just by the restaurants, but by the suppliers, tax revenue, construction companies, etc, let’s face it, we need Mickey D’s to keep this economy functioning.

So, maybe if we work with the fast food companies, instead of against them (wow…that hurt to say!), we might get somewhere…what do you think?

Healthy Junk Food: Could the Cause be the Cure?