Whether you watch football or not, chances are you heard a lot of hype during the last two weeks. This year there was plenty to discuss and debate. Emotions can run very high when folks have strong feelings about “their team,” and with the opinions around “deflate-gate” there was more “who are you cheering for?” buzzing around.

How does this relate to our business?

How often do you see something differently from your colleague, employee, client? Every day we are faced with different opinions, beliefs, viewpoints and preferences. Sometimes, these differences are in areas we feel very strongly, if not passionately about.  What if someone criticizes “your team” or your work?

There are many scenarios and opportunities for folks to disagree. But what we do and how we react makes all the difference in how we work together:

  • Will you listen to what the other person has to say completely before landing on what you think?
  • Do you really hear how the other person feels and why?
  • Do you want to understand where they are coming from?
  • Can you be accepting of their opinion even if it differs from yours?
  • Can you let go of the fact that they may not agree with you?

The more we can answer yes to these questions, the further we will all go. Reaching yes gets easier and easier as we focus on CV#5.  Regardless of how we feel about a situation, we can always Be Kind, Be Positive, and Be Gracious. 

Yes, even when we are cheering for different teams we can do that.