If you get lots of emails, you probably have a system for keeping up. Recently, I created a filter in Gmail to grab all emails from SmartBriefs (my main source of self improvement reading material) and label them “To read” so they get out of my inbox and into one spot I can go to when I have a moment (and when I am writing Cliff Notes). Pretty cool. Google will organize me if I ask it to!


Trust, respect, and dignity. Three keys to a great workplace. With my new filter in place, this one caught my eye in a list of articles.  And in the first paragraphs, I thought, wow, what great timing! This short article basically says, hey companies…it’s good that you care what your customers think and that you survey them…but what about your employees? “Too few organizations measure how satisfied employees are with their company, their boss, their colleagues and their work environment.”


But not us! Our employee survey is live (see link below) and we want everyone to respond…every single employee’s opinion matters. Ultimately, how we frame our days at work (our sense of purpose and satisfaction) is our collective heartbeat.


“There is undeniable proof that when work environments demonstrate trust, respect, and dignity to every player in every interaction, engagement goes up, customer service goes up, and results and profits go up.”


This is the smile-smile-smile that makes it all worthwhile…rhyme unintended!