There are inverse correlations in life. Many of them, actually, but the one I’m thinking of involves this: most of us believe in the benefits of personal and professional development (reading, learning, practicing), and most of us have the best intentions around “doing” that when we have time…and yet, when we are busiest it is usually because personally and professionally we are getting bombed with need to-do’s, have to-do’s, want to-do’s — all of which call on us to prioritize, organize, communicate, take action, listen, practice patience, inspire others, #bekindpositivegracious…precisely the skills we are usually looking to develop or hone and yet…we have no “time.”  There are 11 questions in Leadership Caffeine; but since we’re busy…here are six we should make time to ask and answer: 

  1. How am I truly doing as a leader? Am I getting the frank feedback I need from my team…?
  2. Am I taking accountability for myself and the team on the field? Is it the best team with the right people in the right positions?
  3. Am I a “net supplier” of level-up talent? Meaning, am I grooming people (including myself) to grow with MG?
  4. How am I measuring performance and success of the team? Do the measures promote continuous improvement? Do they connect to the bigger picture?
  5. Am I developing myself? What investments have I made in the past year to strengthen my skills and gain exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking?
  6. Do I understand that my physical well-being directly impacts my mental well-being and professional performance? Am I taking care of myself? Do I need help getting started?

“Balancing your passion, capabilities and values with your daily work and backing this balance with physical well-being is essential for your satisfaction and success…Get started by asking and answering the questions noted above. And if the answers are less than ideal for you, take action.”