The Super Bowl came and went a few days ago. As a football viewer, I’ll say it was a decent game. Close until the very end, swings in leads, eye-popping half-time show, better than usual commercial content, etc. San Francisco had a great season. Jimmy Garoppolo could say he played quarterback all season and they ended up on the biggest stage. But they came up short. Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes will wear the crown for the next year.

And then came Monday morning. And with that, the criticism. Jimmy G is a fourth tier quarterback, he’s too old to be developed (he’s 28…), he’s overpaid, he panics under pressure. To clarify, my team is not San Francisco and Jimmy G is not “my” quarterback, but…really?!?

In foodservices we know, all too well, how fleeting fabulous can be. Jimmy G should call us. Any one of us could help him dust himself off, and try again. We’d say, “Learn, grow, improve, man.” Yes. We take disappointment, honest mistakes, circumstances beyond our control…any and all of that…and we try again. Even when we win the Super Bowl we always remember, tomorrow is another game!

Leslie Phillips