Cheese Pupusa

8 portions


1 tsp salt, kosher 
2 cups corn flour, masa harina
1½  cups Water 
12 oz cheese, mozzarella & provolone shredded vegetable oil 
1 tbsp curtido (sub recipe) 10 portion


1. In a large bowl, mix salt well into the masa harina.
2. With your hands, knead the water into the masa harina in a few additions: work all the water evenly. The dough will feel like stiff mashed potatoes.
3. Lay a 12” square plastic wrap or zip-lock on a smooth work surface.
4. Divide the cheese into 2 oz pieces. Roll a 2 oz ball of dough in your hands, about the size of a golf ball, pat it out in your hand to form a disk a little larger than your palm. Add oil to your hands if dough is sticky.
5. Pat pile of cheese on the masa, leaving just a little space around the edges. Carefully close your hand to bring the edges of the disc closer. Use your other hand to pat and pinch it together to enclose the cheese in a rough ball. Patch any holes with a little more masa, but don’t worry to much – cheese that leaks out will brown deliciously in the pan.
6. Moisten or oil the plastic wrap, and pat out the pupusa on it, forming a disc about 4” wide. Repeat, forming the pupusa.
7. Heat a large nonstick sauté pan over med. heat and very lightly grease it with oil. When the oil appears thin, lay the pupusas in the pan and cook until richly browned in spots, about 4 mins. It’s okay if cheese starts to bubble out. Flip and cook another 4 mins until browned and cooked through. Serve finished ones immediately with curtido and repeat forming and cooking remaining pupusas.

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September 18, 2023

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