MG at Sidwell Friends Dining Staff Honored by Class of 2011

From the dedication:

We believe that the members of the kitchen staff are exemplars of one of the ideas behind this year’s yearbook theme: letting your life speak. They continue to make a difference at this school through helping us understand that eating healthy and delicious food can be one and the same. Through using local fruits and vegetables, they uphold those values of environmental stewardship we talk so much about. They work harder than we even comprehend, coming into school at early hours so that food can be ready… lt is nearly impossible to catch any member of the kitchen staff without a smile on his or her face, and that smile, just a simple pick-me-up,  makes a difference to so many students each and every day. Because the kitchen staff makes such a difference in the lives of students, teachers, administrators, and even the Secret Service (who have known to say with enthusiasm,”Yes! It’s chicken patty day!”), we thought that no one could express the love and appreciation we have for them better than members of the school community. So, from all of us who have enjoyed the school lunches for the past four or more years, we would like to say thank

you for being the most amazing and dedicated chefs any of us could possibly wish for.

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