March 23, 2012
Marta Ruggles, District Manager

In an attempt to think about what the "fun" means in CV # 6, Build Fun, Flexible Teams, I set out on another adventure:  to try something new, or do something differently, each day.
Last week, I did something that I have not done in at least 40 years.  Of all things…I had a banana.  From early childhood, I have disliked bananas.  Maybe it was the texture, taste or just the fact that my sister loved them.  Regardless, I fought, spit up, hid and tossed every kind of banana that came my way .  The only thing I have done in the last 40 years with a banana is load them in a basket in the Dining Room for others to enjoy..

So, when I was recently offered half a banana my first reaction was no thank you, I don’t like bananas.  Then I said to myself, really?  Or do you just *think* you don’t like them?  You haven’t tried one in a long time. Would it taste better than you remember? Are you just being stubborn?  Sister is not here to see you try it so what could happen?  What if you are missing out on something good for you?  With all this running through my mind…I accepted the banana and actually ate it.  
Honestly, I would not run out and buy a "bunch" of bananas today, but, it really wasn’t so bad, and I actually felt good about my decision because it was far better (for me) than having a Twix bar!  I realized what had been standing in my way (and the way of the banana) was a script from my past – my own negative self-talk.

Obviously my mind wandered to the bigger picture…how many things do I not eat or "do" with the same mindset?  What can I try again…try for the first time…let go of…see with fresh eyes…?  The fun in all of this, for me, has been shaking it up…and discovering yet another way not to take myself too seriously.  Go ahead, try a banana…for the first time, or again…you never know till you do.