Welcome to the push, push, push of the whirlwind! Calendars so full you almost can’t read them…and your pulse…breathing…look on your face get “irregular” when you finally can.
When I came upon the title of this article while looking at what to feature this week, I thought…this title, in and of itself, is soothing.

Three words that’ll change your life. And the three words weren’t what I was expecting.
But, at this time of year, the rest of this short article brings a little levity and perhaps some validation.
Tomorrow IS another day. But…Today…rather…NOW…is the only moment you are actually IN. For more on this Truth (and even how to accept and embrace it), seek out The Power of Now.
So, let’s make the most of now and the energy we have for it. And do the very best we can. And tomorrow, we do the same.