We love our friend, coach, adviser Susie Owen.
Susie is an incredible resource for people best practices.
She has been (and will continue to be) a featured MG speaker, like at our most recent company meeting in July.
As we’re back in full swing everywhere, I keep returning to one of her messages.
Everything gets better with feedback (offered in best practice style).  Marlene may never have gotten the wad of paper in the box without it (if that makes no sense to you ask someone who went to the meeting and they’ll explain!).


This article, Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture, could have been written by Susie.
Now, and every day, is the time to integrate feedback into your team’s daily routine, especially in an operations environment.
By doing so you make it normal AND less threatening or personal.
There’s a saying we can fall victim to if we’re not careful….”pick and choose my battles.”
Feedback’s not a battle.  It’s how we learn and improve…and survive and succeed.
So when I roll the cart into the dining room to refill the line by dumping from full pan to semi-empty pan, what do you do?
I’ll feel a lot better if you tell me right then “no dumping” than I will later after I’ve done it several times.  And so will our guests.