I admit struggling with what to write about for this week’s blog; with a big birthday coming up (yikes) I have suddenly become more mindful of not only what I eat, but how much I move.  I will be the first to admit this is not a glamorous topic to write about.  Sadly, I no longer have the metabolism of a teenage girl (nor the fashion choices) and I have to make extra effort every day to eat less & move more.

To assist in my pursuit for daily healthfulness, I recently purchased a Fitbit, which tracks the amount of steps I take each day.  This device has been a great reminder to move more after my daily exercise is done.  It is easy to achieve your 10,000 steps when you go out for a run, but don’t forget what you do the rest of the day matters almost as much. Research has shown that we are healthier when we move throughout the day, not just during our daily exercise routine.  Additionally, other habits such as alcohol consumption, sleep & screen time make a big difference in our quest for weight management. I am aware that extended couch spent watching DVR Downton Abbey reruns won’t do much for my derriere.  So for now I will relish the end of my 30’s, move more and only watch one Downton Abbey episode at a time.

Check out this great link from Appetite for Health 3 Diet Rules to Live By

– Limit alcohol

– Get enough sleep

– Limit screen time