As we visited nearly every MG location this spring, Rie shared with each employee an anniversary we all have in common…MG’s 30th! And this is cause for celebration. She talked about how we’ve been able to survive and grow through many seasons of change (from macaroni and cheese to wheatberry and quinoa). Turbo-charged customer service is at the top of the list…”hospitality” in motion, constantly. 
On July 17th, Disneyland will celebrate 60 years. How have they done it?
Sticking to the same four values they had in 1955 when they started Disney University:
#1: Innovation. Employees (“cast members”) are trained to “continually adapt and learn”, and “…the endless things which take up your time are of no value unless they end up producing a happy guest.” 
#2: Leadership. “Walking the park”. This started with Walt Disney himself who “would regularly walk through the park looking for problems or things to improve.”
#3: Education. Employees at every Disney resort attend Disney University, before interacting with guests. 
#4: Entertain. “Edutainment” (the merger of education and entertainment). This increases trainee engagement and retention of concepts. 
Well how about that. Looks like MG’s got a great shot at another 30 years! Are you “all in” for the adventure?