“Perception vs. reality.” Heard that said before?


From A Leader’s Relationship to Truth:

Guiding ourselves and others through the process of truth-seeking takes courage and commitment. It requires that we peel back the layers. Look unflinchingly at the situation from different points of view and accept what we find there. We allow ourselves to become more aware. Better prepared to act on what is, rather than what we expect or want to believe.


Truth is not a matter of opinion. It’s what is.

For example: is there anything in your workplace that can be cleaner? The truth will always be ‘yes.’ Let’s change the goal from nothing (can be cleaner), to it’s hard to find something that can. And embrace “dirt-seeking.” It’s there. Expose it, deal with it, move forward.


…we have a responsibility to pursue the truth and bring it into the light so we can act on it and help others to do the same…