Peggy Anderson – MG Shero

Peggy met Rie and Eddie Godsey at an event they were catering in 1982. She was simultaneously chiding them for undercooking the blackeyed peas while singing an off-key rendition of Ray Charles “Little Drummer Boy.” It was at this same event that Peggy shared her foodservice wisdom: “never go anywhere with your hands empty.” Since then, Peggy has worked at every MG account from Massachusetts to North Carolina and filled every position we have. Her skills, common sense, humor, and joyful singing, have made her memorable everywhere she goes. Her selflessness extends beyond MG as she gives generously of her time and resources to her church family, her “adopted” families, her neighborhood and those in need. We are so lucky to have had Peggy’s energy and devotion for all these years.

“Peggy has been a best friend and always the epitome of a “Fun, Flexible, Team Member” helping us navigate many MG adventures for close to 40 years. We love you Peg Peg!”

— Rie Godsey, Founder & Chairman of Meriwether Godsey

Written By Marketing

March 1, 2021

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