July 10, 2012
Denise Simmons, Corporate Chef

I have owned up before to the fact that I’m not the world’s most adventurous person when it comes to eating certain things. I have a decidedly weak stomach, and can’t even watch the shows on TV where the host eats brains, still beating hearts, and the thought of eating something like that… just grosses me out! In fact, I’d probably even have a hard time trying goat. I know, other chef’s are probably booing me right now… I know I should have an open mind & be willing to try just about anything.

So I hear about this new restaurant in Richmond that’s getting great reviews. The chef is a CIA grad, so I automatically like him. The place is touted for its ‘upscale, adventurous’ dishes. I’m intrigued… especially since it’s so close & I often travel to Richmond, so I have a chance of checking it out.

I take a look at the menu. It’s nice-adventurous for those who dig that, but still has enough mainstream selections to appeal to those of us who aren’t quite so willing to try innards & stuff. Below is a few of the selections I would consider ordering if I make it the restaurant:

  • Cannellini white bean hummus over bruschetta and house made cucumber yogurt.
  • Gazpacho: fresh seasonal vegetables in a rich and spicy tomato base
  • Marinated olives (seasonal selection)
  • Pommes frites with pork dust, sea salt and garlic aioli and catsup.
  • Arugula tossed with lemon segments, shaved pecorino Romano, and hydroponic tomatoes with cracked black pepper and virgin olive oil.
  • House made ricotta with local honey and Elderflower drizzle.

I get to the dessert section. The Chocolate Godiva Pate sounds divine! Then comes this one… Chocolate and Beef Blood Swirl Gelato. OMG… am I alone in thinking that sounds revolting? Yeeashh!

I’ll probably still give the restaurant a shot, but you can bet serious money that I won’t be trying the beef blood gelato!