Practicing Working Clean: Organization

Stress is our body’s way of responding to demands or threats. It’s effects can be emotional (irritability, anger, depression), and physical (fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure). September and October are, shall we say, pretty demanding times in our company. It would be natural and “normal” for there to be some stress in the air. So, what to do about it? Sure to help is daily organization. Start with it, end with it, use it during the day to create purpose and focus for you and the people around you.

From Work Clean and Chef Dwayne LiPuma:
By being organized, you will be more efficient. By being more efficient, you will have more time in your day. By having more time in your day, you will be more relaxed…you will be able to accomplish the tasks at hand in a clear, concise, fluid motion.

Written By Leslie Phillips, Chief Executive Officer

October 26, 2016

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